Cine-mentoring: Mentoring to make films for a cause

film making mentoring 1Would you like to make films for a cause? Are you passionate about a social issue that needs to be highlighted by making a film? We are starting a unique initiative of online mentoring that will guide you to make effective films. Films that may reach out to large audiences and help you create change. The mentoring sessions will cover the basics of film making which includes: Story-telling, Camera, Direction, Editing, Production … and most importantly Raising Funds to make your film and ways to Promote & Distribute it.

Film-making | Mentoring| Details

Duration: 5 sessions of 3 hours spread across the month
film making mentoring 4Timings: Sundays 9.30 am to 12.30 pm (Indian Standard Time)
5 individual mentoring sessions to be fixed on the basis of mutual convenience

Max. number of participants in a batch: 10 people
Price: INR 1500+  (To be used for producing your own short film) We are very selective about choosing the people we mentor. At the end of the mentoring period you will be given an opportunity to fund the mentoring of people in the future batches. Just as your mentoring has been funded by generous souls you may never know. Read more in the faq section>>

(Deadline for applying 2nd Feb 2013)

Film-making | Mentoring| Requirements

film making mentoring 2Here’s a small list of things you need to take the full benefit of our mentoring-
1. Commitment.
2. A handycam / video camera OR a digital still camera that records video .
3. A PC / Laptop / Mac which has free editing softwares like movie maker or imovie.
4. A high speed internet connection that supports group skype calls  and allows you to see youtube videos at reasonable speeds.

*Note: No prior experience in film-making is necessary, but if you have made films earlier, it will be an added bonus.


film making mentoring 3To apply you need to send the following by e-mail to  support(at)filmkaar(dot)com
1. Name, Age, Location, Profession, Favorite movie.
2. A short note (not more than 200 words) on the social issue / cause / non-profit that you are supporting.
3. Sample of your work that highlights your creativity -  Photography / writing / music / filmmaking / technology / etc. [Just send us the links]
4. The story of your life in 140 characters

*Note: Please stick to the mentioned limits to avoid being disqualified.

Watch our Work:

If you need more clarifications, please check out our ‘frequently asked questions’ page.
In case you think this mentoring is not relevant for you, feel free to share it with someone who might benefit from it. The world needs more storytellers who can make a positive change.

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3 thoughts on “Cine-mentoring: Mentoring to make films for a cause

  1. Pratibha Agarwal says:

    I am very much interested in cine mentoring.I used to write little bit on occasions like bday, anniversary, script to host a event. but i dont have any link.

    What is the meaning of supporting any NGO? Is it working with them or connecting with their work?

    • theadmin says:

      Supporting an NGO would mean that you are actively involved as a volunteer or as an employee / owner. But one may also have a socially relevant story to tell without being associated with any NGO.

  2. Kamila says:


    Since the deadline ended about a week ago, when will the next mentoring project begin? Is there any chance I can still participate?

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